We truly believe that one must always start with WHY. When Manito was born, we asked ourselves "WHY do we do what we do?" The answer was simple: We want to change lives. The emotion of having created an edifice or a living space for a family to nurture, spring and grow in our presence was intoxicating. We set out to forge this reality by following a very simple rule: YOU come first. What the client wants is what he gets. This central tenet resonates throughout our organization from our valued on-site workforce to our leadership.

We are blue collar and proud.
Manito began as a family run business and has now blossomed into a strong, professional and well respected real estate developer. We have stood the test of time and have been recession proof over the last twenty five years. We owe our success to the fact that we know our job and we do it well. We've mastered precision construction and material management to the nanometer and pass down our savings to YOU, Our client.


Mr Arun S


Mr Arun S started his career in real estate development at the young age of 22. A civil engineer by qualification, he has experienced the complexities of the ever-changing construction industry. Having undertaken several projects of differing nature with a vast number of construction and engineering firms over the past three decades, he has experienced, first hand, the munificent power of an uncompromised work ethic and a taste for high quality product. He is of the opinion that in today's world one must separate professionalism from ownership. Manito Builders is a professional firm that strikes this balance effortlessly by enforcing global standards on its workforce as well as its partner firms. Mr. Arun can often be seen discussing innovative engineering solutions and construction methods with the on-site engineering team and is often known to provide savvy solutions to often complex on site quandaries.


The people at Manito Builders today are firmly committed to the founder’s vision “LOKHA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU” which enforces global well being.

Armed with the strength, stability and dependability of 20 years we have pursued excellence through dedication & experience and selfless service to our Clients thus positioning ourselves as leaders in the construction industry today.


Our mission is to believe in creating and bonding with everything that matters to our clients which makes for a long-term lasting relationship.


  • We are backed by 25 years of construction experience.
  • What we promise is what you get.
  • We use our experience in precision construction to pass on our savings to you.
  • Our edifices and buildings pay for themselves through energy efficient design and construction.
  • We love what we do!